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Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been flat out with work and haven’t had the time to photograph my new arrivals.

I’ll be doing a short sale on Easter Saturday. 9am - 10.30am. 53 Gray Street, Carina. There has been quite a bit of new gear arriving, but most of it has sold already. My most exciting pickup was a lot of 22 vintage recards. I still have around 8 left, so get in early.

I’ll be heading into the office today to set-up, so I’ll hopefully post a few more photos this evening.

Be sure to get your movie tickets for the May 4th Trilogy screenings. Cinemas across Brisbane are selling out fast.

After a months break, I’ll be returning to the Chandler Markets this Sunday 13th April. Weather permitting.

I had a ball at Supanova on the weekend. I’ll be posting photos during the week.

I’ve also purchased another local collection. Hopefully I will have the time to get everything ready for Chandler.

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